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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today is National Garlic Day

Today is April 19th and that marks one of the most important holidays of the year: National Garlic Day. Yes, today is the day to dust off that box of garlic decorations stowed in the closet and display them proudly, then eat whole cloves of garlic as if you would an apple, plant garlic, and, finally, slaughter vampires.

Nobody really knows how National Garlic Day came to be. It’s not officially recorded or documented anywhere. Some people have even renamed it “National Don’t Even Think About Kissing Me Day.” Those who enjoy heartburn, however, consider it Christmas.

But instead of focusing on halitosis caused by garlic’s pungent and spicy aroma, let’s consider the benefits of garlic: it can be used to prevent gangrene, its juice can be used to mend broken glass, and it wards off colds, heart disease, cancer and evil spirits (ironic considering Christian myth says that garlic arose in Satan’s footprint after he left the Garden of Eden, making it the most delicious evil thing on earth).

Let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite human repellent by looking at some ways we eat, honor, and use garlic as weaponry…

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